Friday, December 8, 2006

Why North Koreans Are Cooler Than Me.

Nothing at all to do with Kim Jong Il, but he is one cool motherfucker.

I'm watching this Diane Sawyer piece about North Korea. She goes here and there to show us how it REALLY is over there in the land of the rising nukes. (I refuse to rhyme nooks with anything, but that's some pretty funny shit if you see it through.)

The whole thing is very boring and expected. Yeah, yeah, they work hard, get paid shit, blah blah and they're really nice just out of touch because of their leader, blah blah, feel sorry for them, wow we have it made here, gag.

Diane manages to go into a classroom and talk to students. More blah blah until she asks them to sing this one song to make a point that, while Americans may be the enemy, our songs are embraced unwittingly.

Then it begins. Apparently they started singing some retard song from The Sound of Music. My wife sang along. I woke up and felt like the ultimate foreigner. I DID NOT KNOW THIS SONG FROM ADAM. Yet there they were, 35 North Korean kids, uncool as shit in their Moe cuts and overly starched uniforms, arguably living in the closest thing to darkness outside a fucking cave, and THEY knew this shit.

Lesson: Never underestimate your enemies.


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