Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Signs the guy next to me on the subway last night was fucked in the head.

-Voraciously reading yellowed sci-fi paperback titled, Blood and Honor by Simon R. Green.

-Wearing beige London Fog barncoat browning at cuffs with dirt.

-Long red and yellow knit scarf wrapped around his neck like Griffendor’s retard DMV instructor.

-Unwashed matted hair that made him look like The Biggest, Dirtiest Loser.

-A smell of equal parts moth balls, cat piss, the elderly, the homeless, death, schmegma, closetful of used tampons and tissue balls of year-old semen.

-Took the subway.

-Sported sensible frames from Pearle Vision’s Serial Killer Collection.

-Finished retard sci-fi book, and within minutes, began reading another titled, Another Moon by Patricia Briggs.

BONUS: Random half sentences that came to me as I watched this sap:

-Pages so yellow with defeat, with abuse, with the stink of mangy hands…

-Golden with earwax, wrinkles carbon-dating a long-lost snot held between chapter title and word one.

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